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Expert care for anxiety, depression and ADHD. Your membership for evidence-based, convenient care from the comfort of your home.

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We use smart intake forms and evidence based scales, so our provider can focus your face-to-face evaluation on your story and your medication options.

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Everyone reacts to medication differently. We'll be by your side at every step, adjusting and adapting your plan as needed. When it's time to come off, we'll guide you.


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While you'll get monthly follow up appointments, some questions just can't wait. Use our HIPAA-secure messaging platform to talk to your provider. We'll reach out to track your progress.


A plan that works, delivered by experts, for a fraction of the cost of traditional care

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Psychiatric care and a personalized treatment plan.

$125 a month


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Schedule Initial Video Consultation

Once you’re a Mantra member, you’ll discuss your symptoms and treatment options with your mental health provider via video chat.


Get a Personalized Care Plan

Your provider works with you to develop a personalized care plan that may include medication, therapy and lifestyle changes


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As a member, you have ongoing access to your provider over messaging, tools to track your progress, and a live video check-in monthly.

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Top quality mental health care. That's what our members say.

I just wanted to write and say thanks. After big life change I was feeling run down and paralyzed by my anxiety and depression again. I’ve never seen a real psychiatric specialist before, just my main doctor, and I feel like this made the difference. She’s been really responsive and knew all the right answers about changing medication.

- Christie M., Grand Rapids, MI

Mantra has taught me that a mental health provider is nothing to be nervous about and they can even be relatable, funny, incredibly helpful, and that even the founders of this company care about my mental health journey. The most wonderful thing that I received from Mantra was Kelsey. The me that I felt like I had lost is back and she’s here to stay.

- Kelsey W., Jackson, MI

Mantra’s convenience is the reason I keep coming back. I used to plan my day around my in-person appointments and even miss class, but now with Mantra my appointments are at night and I can message my provider in between sessions if anything comes up.

- Robert M., Tampa, FL



"At Mantra, we’ve designed a new kind of mental health treatment combining technology, medication, and lifestyle changes to do what matters: help you feel better."

—Ravi Shah, Co-Founder at Mantra Health and Columbia Psychiatrist

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